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Raw dog food diet

How your dog can benefit from a raw diet

As human beings, we are naturally drawn to what others eat. We want to know where the hottest restaurants are, celebrities endorse certain products or eateries and who hasn't spied on the contents of someone else's grocery cart?

If you're dog owner, you're likely just as interested in what other owners feed their dogs. If you've done any investigation into that subject you've learned that a raw food diet is a very healthy choice for your dog.

What are the health benefits of a raw diet? Here are just a few.

* Your dog will have an easier time staying hydrated. Processed dog foods are often very dry and a diet of such will have your dog drinking more water simply to replace the lost moisture. This will also lead to more numerous trips outside to urinate. But raw foods maintain their inherent moisture, ensuring your pet is less apt to look for fluids elsewhere.

* Fewer bathroom breaks. We discussed this idea briefly in the topic above, but a raw food diet also causes dogs to require fewer trips outside and to have smaller stools. If your dog is on a raw food diet and you find his or her stools are loose or soft, add more raw, meaty bones to the diet. Additional vegetable content is the answer if your dog's stools are too hard. And in addition to requiring fewer bathroom breaks, your dog's urine will also be less concentrated on a raw food diet, resulting in fewer patches of stained grass.

* Clean teeth. All foods build up tarter on your dog's teeth but raw foods create significantly less tarter than processed dog foods. If you do not brush your dog's teeth, a raw food diet can be one way you help ensure your pet's oral health. Your dog will have better breath as well.

You want the best for your pet and the benefits of raw foods are considerable. If you're interested in shifting your pet away from a diet of processed foods and towards raw offerings, remember not to make the switch cold turkey. Institute the change one step at a time by mixing processed foods and raw components. This will help your dog adapt and keep your pet happy and healthy.

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