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"The Thinking Person's Pet Food"™ – Since 1979

Holistic Canned Cat Food

Wysong canned cat food diets are
Meaning the original natural model - the way things have always been for felines throughout history.
designed to provide variety
and augment all other Wysong feline diets. Highly palatable and nutritious, our canned healthy cat foods have increased feline vitality for decades.

Wysong Au Jus™ Diets Au Jus Diets Stew in Gravy™ Stew in Gravy
With 95% meat and organs, this Wysong Starch Free™ and grain free cat food is designed to mimic the archetypal eating patterns of today's pet carnivores. Contains healthful chunks of real whole meat combined with diced vegetables in a thick, healthy gravy.
Wysong Anergen™ Anergen Wysong Geriatrx™ Geriatrx
Our popular Anergen™ natural cat food formulation in a can, designed for cats requiring a hypoallergenic diet. A natural canned formulation for older, aged cats.
Wysong Gourmet™ Gourmet Wysong Food Lid Food Lid
Natural canned diets with premium, gourmet ingredients for both cats and dogs. Protect the high nutritional value of your Wysong food.