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Diet Features

(All features are not common to all dry diets. See product labels.)
•High levels of meat and organ proteins
•Reduced or absent carbohydrate ingredients
•Active enzymes as found in raw foods
•A spectrum of probiotics
•Prebiotics including arabino-, fructo-, mannan-, and galacto-oligosaccharides
•Synbiotics--the synergy of probiotics and prebiotics
•High Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratios
•Lifestage targeted ingredients and nutrients
•Inorganic and chelated major and trace minerals
•Complete vegetable proteins
•Natural antioxidants
•Frozen meat ingredients
•Nitrogen purged, oxygen and light barrier packaging
•Vitamin and amino acid augmentation
•Glycosaminoglycans and collagen
•Epigenetic, proteomic, and nutrigenomic design