DentaTreat™ Natural Dog / Cat Treats Q&A

Q: I have just started feeding DentaTreat™ to my dog on Monday and yesterday my dog started vomitting and had severe diarrhea. It was so bad I had to take the dog to the vet. The vet suspects the dog ingested a rat poison or something, but they are not sure. I suspect that it was the DentaTreat™ product. I would like to know if there is anything in the product that is known to be an allergen (in like 1 out of every 1000 dogs or something.) The vet told me that rat poisons use high doses of Vit. D and calcium as the "poison." Are there any such ingredients in DentaTreat™? What is the ingredient list? I also suspect that the probiotics or digestive enzymes in the product could have "attacked" the dog's digestive system. Any comments?

A: We are sorry to hear about the problems your dog has had. Since the reaction happened a few days after initial feeding of DentaTreat™ the illness is unlikely to be related to the introduction of Dentatreat . Most acute illnesses occur shortly (within minutes to hours) after ingestion of the substance not tolerated. I have conferred with the rest of the technical staff, including the PhD and DVM staff, and they noted that there is no ingredient in the DentaTreat™ product that is known to cause any adverse reaction in pets. Additionally, the probiotics in the DentaTreat™ favorably alter the intestinal micro flora balance, and promote healthy digestion. The probiotics and digestive enzymes in the product would help balance the digestive tract and would not contribute to digestive upset.

It may also help to assure you that the DentaTreat™ natural dog and cat supplement has been used on tens of thousands of animals for decades with no problems such as you describe - only benefit.

If you remain concerned, discontinue supplementing for a few days and then when he seems completely better, re-introduce the DentaTreat™ in very small amounts (a pinch or less to start). Some pets require a slower and longer adjustment period than others to Wysong products. If the problem arises again, then there may be an ingredient in DentaTreat™ that your pet may not be able to tolerate. In this case we would recommend discontinuing use.