Wysong does not agree with the agricultural practice of genetically altering natural food sources. Dr. Wysong has been alerting the public to GMO and mutation breeding problems since 1994, when GMO introductions first took place.

Although there may be widespread consensus that such foods pose no greater health threat than natural parent foods, historically, consensus is usually not where the truth lies.

As Dr. Wysong has explains in his new 736 pp book, it is not possible to alter the huge and complex information in life's genetics, without degrading it in some way. This is why mutations are always deleterious or fatal

Understanding these things is one thing. As a manufacturer, we are faced with the reality that some ingredients are simply not available non-GMO to permit production of a completely GMO-free product line. We are working on it though and do not want you to think we are not concerned.

Given that GMO foods are so ubiquitous (even present in processed foods claiming to be organic and GMO-free), a person is well advised to vary the diet as described in the Optimal Health Program to diminish the potential risks of GMO.

If one has zero tolerance for GMO, the only reliable alternative is to obtain certified ingredients and prepare meals at home.

The following links will help you see that although GMO may be a risk, as well as any of thousands of natural and unnatural toxins in the food supply, health is still possible.

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