Finicky Cats

Q: Do you have any literature you can send me on getting cats to eat wet/canned food. I have two other cats besides the diabetic cat. They are only 2 years old and I tried to get them to eat some canned food a year ago. I would like to use your diets so that my cats get better nutrition but they are so stubborn and stuck on their dry food. I bought Archetype™ and one of them will sometimes eat it and the other won't even try it. They are on Vitality™ right now. I would love some good information on switching them over.

A: Cats can be difficult to keep interested in food.  Also, what they like one day they may not the next.

Try any of the following Wysong options:

Epigen™ Canned Diets
Any of the other Wysong canned foods regardless of names
Moistened Cat Treats™
Dream Treats™ moistened
PDG™ moistened and mixed with any food
Fresh raw meats
Try lightly salting any of the above with Whole Salt™
Mix canned meat baby food with any of the above
Mix and match any of the above

Also see our brochure, How to Apologize to Your Pet for more ideas..