Should You Feed Raw Dog / Cat Food To Your Pet?

Please consider the following information when deciding whether Wysong raw dog food and cat foods (Wysong Archetype™, Dream Treats™, UnCanny™, and store meats and veggies) are ideal and safe to feed to your companion animal. If you consider the following thoughts it becomes apparent that the best food is the food that animals would eat if they were in the wild:
  1. Humans are the only creatures on Earth who cook food. Does nature have it all wrong and we have it right?

  2. In the wild, carnivores eat raw (often filthy, putrid, decomposing) prey without suffering adverse effects. Having robust immune systems and a bounty of beneficial probiotic organisms in their digestive tracts helps nip potential pathogens in the bud. The long-term risk to health (degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc.) from not eating raw natural foods is far greater than the risk of a bout of diarrhea. Add probiotics to the diet (see number 8) or rinse foods with Citrox™ if still uncomfortable.

  3. The attrition rate in the wild is due to the inherent dangers there like predation, injury, drought, food diminishment, etc., not to the raw diet.

  4. If raw foods were unhealthy, then no creature should exist today since from the beginning of time, it has been the only food choice and raw food eaters are the progenitors of humans and all animals. Raw food - not cooked, puffed, dehydrated, pressurized, retorted, sheared, baked, and steam cleaned pseudofoods - is the very incubator from which life has emerged.

  5. Degenerative diseases do not abound in carnivores in the wild as they do in pets fed "100% complete" processed foods.

  6. The primary danger in feeding is the serious degenerative diseases (cancer, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, autoimmunities, dental disease, cardiovascular disease, etc.) that can result from imbalances caused by exclusively feeding fraction-based processed pet foods, not a rare bout of diarrhea from food-borne bacteria.

  7. Microbe-phobia is a fear based upon the mistaken notion that disease is caused by microbes. In fact, microbes will never be eliminated and cannot infect a creature properly fed and with a healthy immune system. In even the most virulent plagues, some in a population always escape disease, not because of lack of exposure, but because of the parapet of immunity.

  8. Wysong Diets and cat and dog supplements contain probiotics to help seed the digestive tract with pathogen-fighting probiotic cultures.

  9. Sterile, cooked, processed, "100% complete and balanced " pet foods have maimed and killed thousands, but no like documentation proves animals die from eating raw foods.

  10. Many people routinely eat raw foods including meat and eggs, and feed likewise to pets, yet no ‘epidemic’ of disease results – particularly if probiotic supplements (see Wysong Probiosyn™) and foods (fermented products, yogurt, etc.) are consumed.

  11. The Wysong Optimal Health Program™ is the very best a person can do in terms of feeding optimally. The proofs and logic are unassailable and the results will speak for themselves.

But knowing what the natural diet is and consuming it are two different things. We are so acclimated to the modern diet that the notion of eating or feeding raw meat, for example, is repulsive to most. Nevertheless, as evidenced by primitive peoples, raw meat and organs can be eaten with great nutritional benefit to humans and animals and they are totally digestible and nontoxic. Although it may be difficult to adopt a totally raw diet, if you keep the principle in mind it helps one emphasize the appropriate genetically-adapted-to foods. This does not mean that processed or cooked foods cannot be consumed with benefit. Simply supplement raw, fresh, natural foods to the diet as much as possible.

In the meantime, Wysong will continue to evolve our pet diets so that they reflect, in manufactured form, the closest thing we are able to produce to mimic the natural diet. In essence, every innovation we make in our foods is an attempt to get as close to the ideal diet as possible. A combination of Wysong Diets and cat and dog supplements (which contain plentiful raw foods) as recommended in the Optimal Health Program™, along with fresh food feeding, is without a doubt the very best diet to achieve optimal pet health and requires the least amount of compromise