Why Feed Any Processed Pet Foods?

Q: Why the processed diets at all?  I assume they are heat processed?  Or am I wrong?  I would understand if you were offering them because, let's face it, some people refuse to change their thinking and their feeding processes. I can't imagine feeding just Archetype™ because of the cost, and similar products would be much more. You seem to be recommending your processed foods (albeit with excellent ingredients) as part of a whole diet plan.  What is the justification behind feeding a processed pet foods at all?

A: The ideal diet for pets is hunted, raw prey and not processed diets. Granted, today's companion animals cannot be turned loose, but that does not mean we should not model their diets to retain as much of the character of the archetypal pattern as it is possible to achieve. 

To achieve this, Wysong recommends raw grocery foods, at least in part or in rotation. The most healthy foods are those an animal can eat and digest without requiring cooking and would include meats, organs, bones, fruits, veggies, dairy, eggs, and nuts. Archetype™ and other Wysong TNT™ raw cat and dog foods such as Dream Treats™ and UnCanny™, are a convenient alternative. By rotating, supplementing and mixing these foods and using Wysong cat and dog supplements it becomes very affordable. (Always remember, one health problem resulting from not feeding correctly can far exceed any cost of feeding properly.)

Conventionally processed pet foods are a compromise, but along with properly selected supplements can bring great benefit. Variety is the key.

It is a very important principle in toxicology that dose makes the poison. Anything can be harmful if in excess. So feeding well-made processed pet foods in rotation and variety with raw foods is not a problem. But note the words 'rotation' and 'variety'. Feeding anything, regardless of its health merits, day in and day out, creates a dose that can be a poison.