Give Your Pet Raw Bones

In the wild almost all types of bones would be consumed…and would never be cooked. They provide a source of calcium, phosphorus, other minerals, protein, collagen, essential fats and more. If raised with regular access to raw bones, pets will rarely over-consume, which can happen when an animal deprived of its natural diet by being fed only from bags and cans is suddenly offered real food like bones.

To be safe, when using poultry, we recommend raw necks and wings for small to medium dogs and cats. Beef knucklebones are difficult for an animal to get in trouble with and they can provide nutritional benefits, healthier teeth and gums, great exercise and relieve boredom. (Cooked bones should only be fed under close supervision because they can splinter into sharp fragments, may lodge in and around teeth and be too easily consumed in excess.)

When first introducing bones, just make sure your pet does not over-consume since this can cause constipation. To begin, you may wish to offer the bone two or three times a day for short intervals only. After a while, assuming you are converting to a more healthful all-around diet, your pet will regulate its bone consumption. Supervision is always recommended.