Special Wysong Pet Food Features

Every consumer should ask pet food companies this question: Why should I choose your company and pet products over others? The following is, in part, Wysong's answer to that question:

The Company

Wysong was begun by a health professional (Dr. R. Wysong, DVM) with the specific purpose inmind of preventing and reversing pet disease through proper pet feeding. Our company was not begun, as essentially all others have been, by business people looking for an economic opportunity. Wysong is driven by the principle that pet nutrition is a serious health matter deserving honesty and competence. (See Nutrition Is A Serious Health Matter.) Wysong leads with what it discovers will improve health and does not merely follow market trends.

Wysong Firsts

Products That Work

For almost 30 years, Wysong has produced pet food and health direction that has created dramatic results through several generations of pets. Our extensive database of testimonials is proof of this. Customers often enthusiastically contact us describing the dramatic positive turns in health from using our natural dog food and cat food products. Logic and science provide the basis for Wysong; experience provides the proof. Wysong works!

Exposing Health-Robbing Error

Wysong is the first and only company to expose the deadly myth of "100% complete and balanced" processed pet foods and alert consumers as to what they should do to achieve optimal health for their pets.


Wysong educates consumers on how to feed themselves and their pets for optimal health without having to use any processed pet products, even Wysong! (A selfless act that proves the commitment to health first. See How to Apologize to Your Pet, and The Truth About Pet Foods.)

The Staff

Wysong is led by its founder, Dr. Wysong, a teacher, author, former veterinary surgeon, clinician and scientist with health, nutrition and R&D credentials and 30 years of experience in food and nutraceutical design and processing technology.

Other doctorate and graduate level researchers and scientifically educated customer support and research staff, and 250+ nationwide clinical consultants help in the creation and upgrading of products, quality assurance and customer service. (See Comparing Pet Foods, The First Study of Its Kind In The Pet Food Industry.)

Product Principles

Wysong's primary and best product is pet health education - empowering people with knowledge that permits them to take control of their pet's destiny.

Our product range is broad - human and animal because Wysong research proves that health features applicable to one species are applicable to others. Additionally, by not narrowing research to one species, Wysong stays on top of the entire scientific field.

The ideal diet is that diet for which a species is genetically designed. Wysong pet products emulate that ideal with the least compromise possible. Most companies formulate to achieve the "100% complete" nutrition claim even though the claim is both scientifically and logically invalid.

Wysong advocates a pet feeding philosophy and program, not a specific ingredient, product or absence of some boogeyman element. People are encouraged and guided to intelligently alternate among pet foods, use fresh food variety and incorporate appropriately designed cat and dog supplements, and raw cat and dog foods - not feed one pet food at every meal every day.

All Wysong pet foods, regardless of their names, can be fed with great benefit cycled into this feeding rotation. Feline can be fed to canine, growth to seniors, ferret food to cats, etc. The marketing concepts of breed, size or age specific diets is both illogical and without scientific proof that they are superior to natural feeding in variety.

The wide range of Wysong pet products vary from one another in ingredients to permit the greatest chance for receiving the full spectrum of nutrients and to prevent food sensitivities and allergies.

Product Features

Product Options




It serves no purpose to carefully prepare a pet food of the best ingredients only to have it degrade and convert to toxins on the way to and in the feeding bowl. That is the dilemma of all packaged pet foods and is the reason Wysong encourages fresh food feeding whenever possible. The real fresh thing right from the meat, dairy or produce counter is what your pet needs, at least occasionally, for health. But we live busy lives and convenience is important. Packaged pet foods fill that need but few of them properly address packaging concerns. A great alternatiave are our Wysong TNT™ processed raw cat and dog foods.