The meats in Wysong’s companion animal diets are human grade meats. This means that these meats came from the same sources as human-grade cuts in the grocery store. Because we cannot always get a sufficient supply of organic meat, we can only include these as they are available. The availability and quality of non-GMO, free range, and organic ingredients are so variable that we cannot give actual percentages on how much is used in our foods. We try our best to find these sources and will continue to do so. We do only use ingredients that are USDA approved and processed under USDA and veterinary oversight. For those seeking solely organic meats, we encourage you to feed your own fresh meat as outlined in The Truth About Pet Foods, by Dr. Wysong. When we choose our ingredients, we try to use everything a carnivore would eat in the wild.

No animals are being raised nor slaughtered to supply Wysong ingredients. We use those nutritious parts that are diverted from human use and would otherwise be wasted like trimmings, organs, viscera, bones, and marrow.

Wysong also uses fresh meats because it creates a more wholesome, healthful and nutritious end product than if just pre-rendered meat meals were used. The incorporation of fresh meats into Wysong products is an extremely expensive, technically difficult and laborious process. It increases the cost of production and requires specialized equipment including refrigeration and frozen storage capabilities.

On the other hand, using simply a dry, pre-rendered meat is inexpensive, easy to do, and requires no specialized equipment or storage facilities. Consider that pre-rendered meat has been cooked, dried, stored and transported to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then holds this dried meat product in open bins exposed to air and then mixes it with ground grains, cooks it again and extrudes into finished nuggets. It is the cheap, high production rate and convenient way to use meat in pet foods. But if meats and fats are cooked, dried and then stored for indefinite periods of time exposed to light and oxygen, they greatly degrade in nutritional value and generate toxins. Then, if this already cooked, dried, and aged product is again cooked and dried into a finished pet food, as is done by manufacturers who use pre-rendered meats, a nutritionally depleted food results as compared to a once-cooked, fresh meat food. (A step even beyond that are Wysong TNT™ raw cat and dog foods containing meats that have not been cooked at all!)

Consumers should be aware that those who use pre-rendered meats as the sole meat source and then again cook it into a final product greatly sacrifice nutritional value in the interest of cost savings and manufacturing ease and simplicity.