Bird Flu

Q: Is the Citrox product effective in killing the bird flu virus when added to raw chicken? Also, (I have heard that it is only a matter of time before the bird flu virus hits the U.S.) should I stop feeding raw chicken all together? I am concerned that it may hurt or even kill my cats by feeding them raw chicken that may be contaminated with the bird flu virus.

A: Citrox™ has not been tested against the bird flu virus.

Although this potential disease pandemic is receiving much press, one must give the publicity perspective.  If we were to take every precaution for every potential disease that might strike us we could eat nothing and would be safe only in a special sterile room.  There are dozens of very real diseases that afflict millions of people and animals that should be of far more concern.

In the end, the best protection against disease is a strong and robust immune system.  Proper lifestyle and nutrition is the key to that and is best implemented by following Dr. Wysong's Optimal Health Program™. This includes feeding pet diets in rotation, incorporating natural foods such as Wysong TNT™ raw cat and dog foods, and augmenting the diet with Wysong cat and dog supplements and fresh grocery foods.