Raw Dog / Cat Food Archetype™ Diet Differences

Archetype™ (99%+ meat) is a cold-processed, dried food that is formed into lightweight chunks, shreds and powder. This special process does not destroy important raw natural food attributes thus resulting in a raw dog food and cat food that closely resembles the archetypal diet of your pet's genetic past.. Archetype™ can be fed as is or rehydrated with water. It has live probiotic organisms, and contains meat, organs, bones, and plant nutrients. Archetype™ is rich in protein (50%) and amino acids that are commonly lost or degraded in heat-processed foods, and there are no grain carbohydrates. You can feed Archetype™ alone or use it as a nutritious snack or top-dressing. The palability is simply unmatched.

Archetype Burgers combine the same non-heat degraded meat (99%+) as Archetype™, but with the addition of fruits and vegetables, and are in the form of patties.

All Archetype™ diets are nutritionally designed for both cats and dogs, but for best results, they should be used as part of the Wysong Optimal Health Program™.