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Package Dating/Shelf Life

Wysong Cat and Dog Supplements */**
Example: H298A003 – August 29, 2008

The letter stands for the month that the product was manufactured.

A - January
B - February
C - March
D - April
E - May
F - June
G - July
H - August
I - September
J - October
K - November
L - December

The next two numbers stand for the day.

The third number stands for the year.

The rest of the lot number is in-house coding. Wysong Pet Supplements are guaranteed for:

Powder/Dry Supplements - 2 years
Liquid/Wet Supplements - 1 year

TNT™ (True non-Thermal™) (raw) foods are guaranteed for 1 year.

* The following supplements use a different date coding:
E.F.A™ capsules, O-Mega D™ and Marine Lipids™ - The first two numbers stand for the month, the third and fourth numbers stand for the day, and the last two numbers stand for the year. Example: 080107 – August 1, 2007.

** Wysong UnCanny™ and Archetype Buffet™ follow the same lot number/package dating format as the Wysong Pet Supplements.

Wysong Nutri-Paks™ (all dry diets) , and Archetype™, Archetype Burgers™, Ferret Archetypal I™ and Ferret Archetypal II™

The lot number is printed on the front color band to the right of the product name.

Example: 080416 – April 16, 2008
lot numbers

The first two numbers stand for the year the product was manufactured.

The middle two numbers are the month. The last two numbers are the day of the month.

The date of manufacture is stamped on the box and imprinted into the foil on each bag (bottom flap) in six circles. To find the stamp on the bottom flap of the bag, turn the bag upside down, still looking at the front of the bag.

Package Dating: The date on the packaging is not an expiration date, but the manufacturing date. Wysong's special natural antioxidants, nitrogen purging of fats and oils, special light and oxygen barrier packaging, special processing and drying, portion packaging, and cooled storage, makes Wysong the freshest and most nutritious of processed foods. This freshness remains for a year or even more if the products are stored in reasonable, cool conditions. If frozen, the products are highly nutritious for extended lengths of time even beyond this. Our guarantees are carried out through our distributors, and most of them give their dealers a one year guarantee.

Wysong Canned Diets Dating:
The "Best by" date can be found on the bottom of the can.