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The directions on the Alkinate™ bottle state to take for 5-7 days. Does this mean to stop completely after 7 days?

It is always best to follow the Optimal Health Program™ principles (http://wysong.net/wohp/).

With that in mind, we would recommend taking the supplement intermittently once pH is more balanced and periodically taking a breather from it for several days. All the while converting the diet to the most natural form you can achieve.

I spoke to Wysong regarding my Bichon's surgery 2 weeks ago. His surgery was for calcium oxalate bladder stones. The pH was tested Friday and it was at 7.9, my question is, since the pH level is high what type of diet is best for him? We thought since he had the calcium oxalate stones his pH would be low but its not. I am a little confused as to what to feed him. The vet that had done the surgery told me to keep him on the Prescription C/D diet. Today when his partner called to give me results on the pH, I asked if he should continue on the C/D diet like his partner said, he told me absolutely not, that this food (which he has been on for 4 months) causes calcium stones. So I guess what I am looking for is guidance on the best diet to help keep more stones from reoccurring. By the way, the urine test they did yesterday did show signs of crystals in it. Thanks for your help. I look forward to hearing from you. Many blessings~

The complexities and contradictions of what you describe are hard for us to specifically address.

Although it is not the easiest route, we would recommend that you study the Optimal Health Program™ and apply as much of it as you can and watch the results. Also consider using more of our TNT products.

I have had my dog on wysong for a few years now...she is still young, 2 1/2. My question concerns mixing raw meat with her epigen.

I have heard you cannot mix the two because dogs digest raw food differently than the dry dog food. And it may cause upset stomach if the two are mixed. Mainly because the enzymes to digest raw and dry are different.

I have read that if you keep switching them back and forth is also harmful.

You can mix raw food(s) with cooked/canned/kibble food. Please see this link: Combining Raw With Wysong.

Enzymes are only specific on the type of molecule they break down; it does not matter if it is cooked or raw. For example, proteases break down proteins. They are not specific to either raw or cooked proteins.

Please see this links for more help:

The Truth About Pet Foods

The 100 Pet Health Truths Program

I'm a third-year veterinary student at UC Davis, working on a nutritional supplement exercise. My partner and I are researching your product, Biotic pH+, and were wondering if you have more information than what's available on your website. Biotic pH+ seems to be a urine alkalinizer, helps with metabolic acidosis, has enzymatic activity, and probiotics. We're supposed to list what the product is supposed to do (product claims) and how it does it (mechanism of action). What are Biotic pH+'s mechanisms of action?

Please see the tech sheet (also includes information about Biotic pH-): http://www.wysong.net/products/documents/techsheets/Biotic pH- and pH+ [Tech Sheet].pdf

And can you help us with these additional questions (it was suggested that we contact the manufacturer, so don't worry, we aren't cheating!)?
  • Does it have any effect on gastric pH?
    Perhaps some, but the target is urinary pH
  • How does it help reverse metabolic acidosis?
  • What enzymes are included?
    Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Lactase, and Phytase.
  • The references listed on your handouts are from before 2000. Do you have more recent evidence, for any of the proposed benefits?
    That is because that is when the product and information was developed. More current information could be found by an Internet search on any of the ingredients.

    See these testimonials: http://www.wysong.net/testimonials.php
  • Does the product have any side effects?
    No negative side effects. Positive side effects include improved digestion and overall health.
  • Are there any medications that Biotic pH+ may interact with?
    If you review our websites and subscribe to our 100 Pet Health Truths program, you will be given a different perspective on nutrition than industry and academic standards. I think you will enjoy Dr. Wysong's fresh and logical philosophy. If you are interested, we would be happy to send you and your classmates free copies of one of his books, The Truth About Pet Foods.