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My dog has many allergies and that is one of the reasons I buy this higher end food. I am disappointed that you are not specific and transparent about your ingredients. If you are easily able to justify the use of porcine plasma, why not just put it out there on the label?

Because of your incomplete labeling policy, my dog experienced an exacerbation of her symptoms and I am not happy about this at all.

Labeling regulations by the government are strict and do not allow such distinction on a label. Specifics on ingredients, such as animal plasma, is located on our website in the Learn section. It is also available free to customers by mail if requested.

You also didn't mention how long you have been feeding the Duck Au Jus™, but it has contained the porcine plasma for at least 5 years. The formula has not recently changed. If you are feeding this food exclusively, it is possible she now has an intolerance to it. Feeding any single diet exclusively long term may actually create food intolerances and allergy problems. We recommend a rotation of the dry and canned Wysong diets as part of an IV (intermittent and varied) diet with a variety of fresh, whole foods and raw meats.

With regard to ostensible food allergies, please see these links:

Allergies and Food Sensitivity and Truth 91: Your Pet is Allergic to What?

Does you Venison food have clarified chicken fat? I am looking for a food that will work for my dog with allergies. He has allergies to chicken but I hear that if the chicken fat is clarified it won't cause an allergic reaction.

No, Wysong does not use clarified fat. Clarifying reduces nutrient quality. However, our chicken fat is not likely to cause an allergic reaction.

With regard to potential allergies, the only way to know is by test feeding. Processing changes allergens in foods and thus simply reading a label does not give certainty. Most pets supposedly allergic to one ingredient or another in Wysong, will show no reaction other than health if our diets are fed following the principles in the Optimal Health Program™. True allergies are also generally to a protein; fat is unlikely to be an allergen.

Also, attempting to treat allergies by removing an allergen, which is often impossible, solves only part of the problem. Focus needs to be redirected to feeding foods, which will enhance immune system health and prevent allergic reaction. Additionally, no food should be fed day in and day out. Variety is the key and prevention of toxicity and allergy.

Please follow this link for more information about allergies and pets: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/the-food-allergies-are-cured-myth.php.

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