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Au Jus Canned

Good afternoon, was trying to calculate the carb % on the canned Aus Juice duck and see what the source of carb is from??? And is there ash in this product??

Duck meat is negligible in carbs and duck liver is about 10% carbs from glycogen--which is metabolized differently than carbs (starches and sugars) from plant sources.

Duck Au Jus™ is 3.39% ash.

Thank you, also could you give the carb % for the other Au Jus of beef, venison, turkey and ash % for those also

All of the Au Jus diets are going to be low carb, like the Duck Au Jus, as the only carb source in those is the small amount of glycogen in the organ meat.

Here are the ash content values:
Beef: 3.4%
Venison: 8.7%
Turkey: 0.7%