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Beet Pulp

Customer question:

I was elated to receive a sample 2# bag of Epigen in my last order however this is my concern----In the late 60's, early 70's many of my friends were feeding beet pulp to their horses (lucklily I did not feed it to mine). Most of those horses experienced urinary problems after consuming the beet pulp over a relatively short time.

In the 80's, many of us greyhound owners were introduced to and it was highly recommended to use FROMM dog/cat food. I used it for my greyhound as well as for my cats, never paying attention to the ingredients. It wasn't until after both my cats and my greyhound died from kidney failure that the bell went off in my head that I should read the ingredients on the food bag--beet pulp was right there in the ingredients.

Since then, I am very careful to look at the ingredients for any food that I am interested in using (after all, don't we peel off the outside of the beet before we eat it?).

I was very disappointed when I saw that the 5th ingredient in the Epigen was beet pulp. Because I have trusted Wysong so much, I had broken my rule to read the ingredients first and mixed the Epigen with the Anergen that I was using for my greyhound and also gave some to my cats. Everyone loved the Epigen and I'm sure that the beet pulp didn't have enough time to create any urinary tract problems in my pets. HOWEVER why is Wysong putting that FILLER into their great all NATURAL food???

On a happier note---I took your advice to purchase the canned beef as well as mixing up the bagged food for my greyhound/cats. The canned beef is just incredible! My cats won't eat it but by greyhound sure likes it mixed with the other Wysong dry food. She has been much happier since I started giving her the beef.

Thank you for all the advise that you have given to me. Please let me know the reason for the beet pulp and am I the only one that has the experiences noted above.

Beet pulp is added for its prebiotic health benefits, not as a "filler.". It is an excellent source of insoluble, fermentable fiber. This fiber is broken down into volatile fatty acids by bacteria in the digestive tract. It serves as a prebiotic to encourage healthy probiotics. It also provides protein and some vitamins such as calcium and phosphorus. It is not just the skin of the beets. We have no reports (nor have we seen any documented evidence) that beet pulp creates urinary or any other problems at the low levels used in some of our foods. Nor have we seen such scientific evidence in horses.

In fact, Epigen™ is an excellent choice in preventing urinary tract problems. See: http://www.wysongepigen.net/solutions.php?d=30.

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