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I'm a third-year veterinary student at UC Davis, working on a nutritional supplement exercise. My partner and I are researching your product, Biotic pH+, and were wondering if you have more information than what's available on your website. Biotic pH+ seems to be a urine alkalinizer, helps with metabolic acidosis, has enzymatic activity, and probiotics. We're supposed to list what the product is supposed to do (product claims) and how it does it (mechanism of action). What are Biotic pH+'s mechanisms of action?

Please see the tech sheet (also includes information about Biotic pH-): http://www.wysong.net/products/documents/techsheets/Biotic pH- and pH+ [Tech Sheet].pdf

And can you help us with these additional questions (it was suggested that we contact the manufacturer, so don't worry, we aren't cheating!)?
  • Does it have any effect on gastric pH?
    Perhaps some, but the target is urinary pH
  • How does it help reverse metabolic acidosis?
  • What enzymes are included?
    Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Lactase, and Phytase.
  • The references listed on your handouts are from before 2000. Do you have more recent evidence, for any of the proposed benefits?
    That is because that is when the product and information was developed. More current information could be found by an Internet search on any of the ingredients.

    See these testimonials: http://www.wysong.net/testimonials.php
  • Does the product have any side effects?
    No negative side effects. Positive side effects include improved digestion and overall health.
  • Are there any medications that Biotic pH+ may interact with?
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