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Biotic pH

I was ready to make a Biotic PH - purchase on your website until I saw your shipping charges. That was the end of that. I never buy anything from a company that makes money via their shipping charges. Fortunately, Vitamin C accomplishes the same thing. You have lost a new Customer.

Thank you for your email.

The cost of shipping is high but entirely beyond our control.

Our doctors say vitamin C will not affect urinary pH, if that is your objective.

Thank you for your reply. I can only say I am very glad my Bichons are not under the care of your staff veterinarians. Vitamin C most definitely DOES acidify the urine if given in divided doses. This is a well known fact and is recommended as treatment by veterinarians not interested in $$$$. After reading the product label, I realized that the Biotic pH- has too many miniscule junk additives which are bizarre to say the least. I will purchase Vitamin C Tabs at my local pharmacy.

We must reply to two errors in your letter:

1. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, has been shown to repair free-radical damaged cells in the epithelium thereby reducing the favorable environment for formation of oxalate crystals. Vitamin C has not been shown to have an effect on urinary pH. A search through Google or Google Scholar will find many peer reviewed research articles to support this fact. If you can provide contrary research data we would be most interested.

2. We are not a for-profit company, but a health education and product development organization. See: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/wysong-and-profit.php

3. All Wysong ingredients have a specific nutritional purpose for which there is scientific evidence.

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