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I read that Blue Buffalo has LifeSource in it. Is that your product? I remember you used to produce a food like that I used.

No, that is not our product. This company evidently "borrowed" our copyrighted name.

If I am using Blue Buffalo with their cold processing, would that replace the raw Archetype I have been using? My animals really like the Archetype, but I am thinking of saving money by not using both products.

We can find no information on the company's website that defines what "cold" means. Nor do they have any patents covering this claim. With regard to food, cold would mean using no heat. With regard to humans, cold means less than body temperature.

Perhaps you could query the company to determine what they mean by cold. As far as we can tell they do not use freeze or vacuum drying and that is the only way we know of to create a dried product without the application of heat.

Archetype is taken from the frozen state to room temperature without applying heat above the 118 degree critical temperature that will destroy enzymes.