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One wonders what "kind" of bones to offer a cat? I know you can't give a "big" bone like you would a dog.........use a raw chicken bone? The reason I won't give bones is I fear since not cooked, there may be salmonella poisoning.........."then" you have the issue of the grease from the bone getting all over one's floors/rugs.

The article (Truth 62) mentions chicken necks and wings which can be offered to cats.

Please see these links for information about bones: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/the-dont-feed-your-pet-bones-myth.php, http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/consuming-raw-bones.php, and this link about raw feeding: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/should-you-feed-raw-to-your-pet.php.

You may also want to see The Truth About Pet Foods book.

Thanks for letting me know what parts...........but then you still have the issue of grease getting all over the floor.

Feed the bones on an easy to clean floor such as tile or linoleum.

There are multiple animals residing in my homes. I believe in Wysong products. Beginning early with Dreams treats and appreciating the knowledge and care that goes into each product. Sheer boredom, ignorance or holiday lack of staff allowed someone extremely unknowledgeable to advocate bones. Especially bones for young animals. I have rescued innumerable animals choking on tiny chicken bones. Foremost in my mind is a maid rushing down the hall screaming for help in my 80s luxury Manhatten apartment building. The children had given the schnauzer a lamb chop bone. Veterinarians are emphatic that any animal should only be allowed beef bones-especially sold in supermarkets. No chicken, no lamb chops, the list is endless. Greenies amongst the worst offensives - cutting into digestive tracts and choking accidents - I'm very disappointed in the ignorance of this article.

Nonetheless your products are still amazing. Please correct this misinformation before the repairable damage is done by misinformed - unknowledgeable readers to the gentle souls that will suffer. stick to telling your readers to brush their teeth or use dental products ! Permission to print this is with my sincerest approval

Bones in their natural raw state are a part of the archetypal diet of carnivores.

Our advice and products attempt to emulate the natural model as much as possible.

Although cooked bones can cause the variety of problems you discuss, raw bones introduced at weaning and regularly offered throughout life do not cause such problems, only benefits. In over thirty years with experience feeding hundreds of thousands of animals through multiple generations, we have never had a report that contradicts this.

Please see these links for information about bones:



You may also want to see The Truth About Pet Foods book.

I will also forward you the Truth e-mail regarding bones.

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