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Breast Feeding

Question: (Human)
"Interesting newsletter (http://wysongeducation.net/_archive/2010-2011/2010/april/content.php) here...loved the "cats having bad days" thing. Now...if breast feeding is so wonderful and has been the "thing" to do for the past 25 or 30 years, why in hell are all the kids fatter than hogs? And, I use Splenda, eat red meat (medium rare off the grill), and drink moderately. 63 years old, no medical problems, and recent tests showed normal cholesterol, normal weight, normal colonoscopy, etc etc. What is that? Oh, I should mention that I use too much "salt" and prefer to drink whole milk, if half-n-half isn't available! Not to worry...I feel your pain...and my herd of cats like your food."

Although it is true that there may be more breastfeeding, it is also true that moms don't eat well and kids are weaned onto sugars, starches, and drinks.

This carbohydrate glut, according to Dr. Wysong, lies at the root of the obesity problem. Such foods do not match our genetic design.

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