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Brown Rice

I became aware of your products through my sister, whom uses and testifies to your products. I have spent quite a bit of time perusing your website trying to educate myself on your products and philosophy. I am placing an order, however, I do have a question regarding one of the ingredients you have in some of your products, and also have listed as "safe" under your ingredient definition section of your site, guar gum. The products I'm ordering do not list guar gum as an ingredient, therefore I'm comfortable with the purchase. However, I came across the following information to which I would be interested in the company's perspective:

"Guar Gum: The use of guar gum in canned foods has been shown to reduce the bioavailability of proteins, as in the following study: "Guar gum, a soluble nonstarch polysaccharide (NSP), is a common ingredient in canned cat foods and has been shown to decrease the digestibility of protein in diets for cats (Harper and Siever-Kelly, 1997). You can find the research results at http://www.livestocklibrary.com.au/handle/1234/19826"

Although I am impressed with the specific products I am choosing to order on their face value and hope that my two cats will hop on board, and feel that the products I am ordering will be sufficient to provide the variety you recommend, I am still limited based on the fact that guar gum is an ingredient you use in some of your products.

I also have an 8 year old cat who had issues with "brown rice" at a young age and I had to adjust her diet accordingly. To the extent that I can tell, all of your canned and dry cat food contains brown rice. Do you anticipate offering foods without this ingredient? I am still going to try and switch her to the Wysong diet, however, I'm concerned about the brown rice.

Again, I applaud you on your products and really hope that my cats will convert without issues. I am just interested in the companies view of the use of guar gum and if it is not in all of your canned products, why does it need to be in any as well as rice free products?

Thank you for your time and have a blessed day!

We are familiar with the impact fiber has on digestibility. However, since there are no ingredients without a potential downside, one must balance that with the good. For example, do an Internet search: HEALTH BENEFITS OF GUAR GUM. We feel the health benefits of this and all Wysong ingredients far exceed their potential dangers.

Please see this link for more understanding: Toxin Paranoia.

We are so glad to hear you are going to vary the diet as Dr. Wysong recommends. That is not only a key to health but an insurance policy against toxins.

With regard to brown rice, one cannot really be sure of the impact of an ingredient in any particular formula since the formula and processing change the ingredients. The only way to know is to test feed.

We offer many products that do not have rice, including:

Epigen™ dry diets

Optimal Line™ dry diets

True Non-Thermal™ raw diets

Au Jus™ canned diets

Stew in Gravy™ canned diets