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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in Wysong Epigen because I have a cat who is borderline diabetic. I was surprised that despite the claims at the site that the food is appropriate for this purpose, I could not find a statistic indicating the percentage of carbohydrate content as a proportion of calories. My vet has recommended that I should keep this below 7%. I am also concerned that the phrase "starch free" is followed by the trademark symbol, which suggests that it may have a meaning other than its ordinary language meaning.

Please send me information about the carbohydrate content, and explain the precise meaning of this trademarked phrase. Thank you.

Other than meat and organ glycogen and plant fibers, there is no carbohydrate in Epigen™. There are no starch or sugar ingredients (the culprits in diabetes) as in all other extruded dry diets.

Wysong's Starch Free™ claim indicates exactly what you would expect – that Epigen™ is a product that is absent starch ingredients. There are no other "starch free" kibble diets available; Epigen™ is the first and only. It is therefore a descriptor unique to our product within the greater pet food market, thus our common law trademark claim.

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