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How many calories per cup? Since U.S. congress has passed legislation to allow processing of US raised chickens in China without any documentation on product packaging, I will no longer be feeding any chicken based products. I need cal. info so I can transfer dogs to similar product (beef, lamb, etc.) Thank you

The Synorgon™ has 424 calories per cup.

Meats used in Wysong foods, including chicken, are sourced and processed in the U.S. Although legislation may allow for processing in China, that does not mean all are.

With that said, if you wish to find diets that do not contain chicken meat, consider the following: Epigen Fish™, Epigen Venison™, Au Jus™ Canned Diets, Anergen™, and Rabbit and Quail Archetype™ and Dream Treats™.

Also note that Wysong advises against feeding any one pet food exclusively. Fresh food and varied feeding is the best (and only) path to true pet health. Feeding one food fosters the development of ingredient intolerances (allergies), susceptibility to toxins, and other health ailments. Please read The Myth of "100% Complete and Balanced" Processed Pet Foods, Can Pet Health Be Simple?, Does America Owe an Apology to its Pets?, and Wysong's How to Apologize Video.