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Citric Acid

I have been a breeder and show exhibitor of Standards for over 12 years. I am constantly looking for better foods to feed my dogs. I have looked at Wysong dry in the past and am currently using Wysong Uncanny in my dry food I currently use.

This is my reason for writing. Standard Poodles are prone to bloat. UC Davis has done extensive research on bloat in Standards and has concluded that diets containing citric acid will increase the chance of bloat by up to 400%. High fat content also contributes to this. So your dry foods contain both. It is a concern for me and I was just wondering why you can't make this food without citric acid and lower your fat content. Perhaps your dietitians are not aware of these facts?

Yes, our doctors are aware of these arguments.

Citric acid is used in conjunction with other ingredients to form our antioxidant system, Oxherphol™. It is used in miniscule amounts that could not conceivably lead to any health problems, but only benefits. The oxidation and free radical dangers it helps prevents far outweighs any imagined problems it could pose. Please remember, the dose makes the poison. Any substance, even water and oxygen, are toxic in high enough dosage.

With regard to fat, we try to emulate the natural diet of carnivores.

Please review our Optimal Health Program. If you follow those principles, and do not feed any single food meal after meal, and keep down the carbohydrates (starches), you will have the best chance against gastric volvulus/dilatation.

Our new product, Epigen™, that contains no starch and is almost 70% meat, will be a great alternative meal to work into your feeding program. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can be alerted when that is available.

Last Friday my 10-1/2 year old Rottweiler was euthanized after suffering gastric torsion. The clinic gave us information about the condition, and I noted that moistening food containing citric acid could be a contributing factor. I immediately checked the food that all of my dogs are fed. My rott was not eating Wysong and her food did not contain citric acid. But my Mini Schnauzer is eating Wysong's Senior formula and it does contain citric acid. I have always moistened my dogs' food, and now I am concerned about doing so. My Schnauzer does burp a lot and I wonder if this is the cause. I know that bloat occurs mainly in large dogs, but it can also happen in smaller dogs. Can you tell me why you include citric acid in the food and what you recommend as far as moistening?

Thank you for your letter. We are very sorry for your loss.

Wysong uses citric acid as a part of its Oxherphol antioxidant system. As such it is incorporated at micro amounts. There is no evidence whatsoever that this could cause harm, but only benefit. Wysong's 30 years of experience feeding tens of thousands of animals through multiple generations bears this out. There is no controlled scientific evidence that citric acid at levels used to prevent fat oxidation causes gastric torsion.

If you wish to moisten food, just add water. Remember the important principle of variety and rotation. Be sure to follow the Optimal Health Program™ for best success against any potential health condition. (http://wysong.net/wohp/).

Does Wysong recommend anything in regards to whether food and water bowls should be elevated or not for larger dogs? When our rott was a pup we were told to raise her dishes. Now we are told that raising the dishes may contribute to bloat. I don't know who to believe. But I do believe Wysong has the animals' best interests at heart, so if you have any information on this issue I would like to know.

Again, there is no good scientific evidence proving that the position of the head at feeding causes bloat.

Please study the Optimal Health Program™ carefully and follow it as best you can (http://wysong.net/wohp/). That is the best path to health and prevention of conditions such as this.