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Colloidal Silver

Have been administering PDG to sickly cats (from a 'hoarder' situation, and thankfully they are improving!) via syringe, (method #3 on PDG label).

I had been mixing w/water, and had called you, and operator had checked w/someone there to tell me it was OK to mix enough to administer for a day or two. (so as not to have to mix every time I dosed the cats), and keep refrigerated.

So, have been doing that successfully for a week or two, and want to be sure that it is indeed safe (and PDG remains effective) to keep a 'mixed' supply in fridge for a day or two.. (I think when I called you said it was ok for up to three days)

AND, I have another question: would it be ok (still effective for both products) to mix that PDG with "silver-water" instead of plain water?

I have had great results over many years with many cats w/upper respiratory issues, by giving them a few cc's per day of colloidal silver. (use it myself: gargle at first sign of sore throat, and never get colds!)

I am using a newer 'type' of silver lately, called Sovereign Silver by Natural Immunogenics of Pompano Beach FL. Rather than being called 'colloidal' silver, this is "bio-active Silver Hydrosol" Immune Support per the package label.

I believe it is the best I've used (great results for me and the cats!) and is touted as having ultra-small particle size.

Cannot imagine it would hurt to mix this silver-water w/PDG instead of using plain old tap water (I use reverse osmosis water in my house) , but wondered if you have any insights on this. Seems efficient to be 'dosing' kitties w/ two great products at the same time. (I do give them silver, as well as PDG, several times daily)

Thanks so much, (and thanks for a great product! Cats actually LIKE it!)

Yes, you can keep a mixed supply of the PDG™ in the refrigerator for a couple days.

As for your other question, yes, it will cause no harm, but the effectiveness of the silver may be decreased.

You might like to consider our colloidal and ionic silver products in the future if your present regimen needs to be improved.