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The Pheasant Dream Treats I have in the store do not list a fat in the ingredients. Do they contain chicken fat? I am getting more and more customers in who have cats and dogs with chicken allergies.

The fat would be inherent in the meats themselves.

Thank you for the quick reply. It's amazing to me that the chicken dream treats contain fish and coconut oils and poultry fat. While the pheasant ones derive the 38% fat from the pheasant meat alone. You are sure there is no added fat at all in the pheasant DTs.

Thank you for your reply. There is no added fat. It's a function of the lack of moisture that protein and fat are high.

Why isn't it that way with the Chicken Dream Treats? There are 3 different fats/oils listed in their ingredients. They seem just as dry as the Pheasant treats. I'm sorry, but I'm just not comprehending the fat difference between the two Dream Treats. And the reason I'm being such a stickler is that I have customers who have pets with chicken allergies. They say many foods and treats contain poultry fat, and that it's usually chicken. Can you help me understand this so that I can speak intelligently about this with my customers?

Thank you for your help and your patience

Thank you for your reply. Looking back on our exchange I don't think that we've been on the same page. Let me try to clarify.

Please keep in mind that Dream Treats™ are an almost entirely meat product. Added fats and micro ingredients are at minor levels, not really enough to affect the composition (feel) of the product, or its appearance.

Many companion animals with chicken allergies do not have reactions to our chicken-based freeze dried products, our chicken-based dry products, or to chicken fat (since it does not contain proteins that elicit allergic responses. That said, if avoiding chicken is the goal, we would suggest that you advise them to consider the other Dream Treats™ varieties.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.