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If there was no melamine in Wysong why is it listed on the FDA page of melamine tainted products?

I think we may be talking about two separate recalls for Wysong , the first on melamine(2008/2009) and the second for mold Sept 2010.

My biggest concern was and is the melamine.

So.... if there was indeed no melamine in your products ever , why are you on the FDA list for it.... and.... if you are on the list and you shouldn't be , why haven't you had the FDA remove your name?

Look forward to your response.

There has never been a recall of Wysong products due to any contamination such as melamine. The listing on the FDA website is for all recalls (including voluntary), and not just those related to the melamine incident in 2007. Again, Wysong did not have any foods contaminated with melamine then or now.

Wysong has had only 1 recall in it's history, in 2009. It was a precautionary recall due to high moisture, and not a reaction to a realized health hazard, or because the products were tainted. Again, see this link: http://www.wysong.net/moreinfo.php.

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