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Fruits and Vegetables

Can you tell me how many servings, at ½ cup per day, are in the 8 lb Wysong Epigen bag?

And can you tell me, also, why there are fruits and vegetables in your cat foods, given cats are obligate carnivores and really shouldn't be eating any fruits or vegetables? I find it so difficult to find a dehydrated raw cat food without fruits and vegetables, which makes no sense, based on the research I've done.

There are approximately 28 cups in 1 - 8 lb. bag of Epigen™ (so at ½ cup per serving, approximately 56 servings).

Please see this link regarding fruits and vegetables: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/fruits-and-vegetables.php.

Thank you. My research has found that cats and dogs in the wild normally let the stomach contents of their prey spill before consuming the stomach lining, therefore they really don't eat fruits and veggies. And for cats especially, fruits and veggies are actually very hard on them since they weren't designed to eat them (much like I probably shouldn't adopt an all raw meat diet for myself...). So added plums and cranberries, etc., makes no sense to me. I can't figure out what the benefit of these ingredients may be.

On a different note, can you tell me how many servings are in an Archetype bag (I see only 7.5 oz bags on Wag.com and your site, though on Wag.com it states in the description that larger bags are available?). We have a kitten that will likely be a 10 lb cat soon, so at 1/3 cup per day, how many servings can I expect? And you may want to mention that offering this information on the packaging or online description would be helpful.

Thank you for your thoughts. Please understand that no processed food is the same thing as what an animal would obtain in the wild. The ingredients we choose try to push the food as close to that as possible and make up for the nutrients that processing tends to diminish or convert to toxins.

Do an Internet search on any of our ingredients thus: BENEFITS OF PLUMS, or BENEFITS OF CRANBERRIES.

After 35 years feeding hundreds of thousands of animals through multiple generations, with some pet living into their (unheard of) late twenties we believe Dr. Wysong's concepts work.

There are 5 cups of food in one bag of Archetype™. That would be 15 servings if fed 1/3 cup a serving. We do not have any other size bag of Archetype™, so we do not know to what Wag.com is referring, unless they mean the Archetype Buffet™, which is in an 19.5 oz. bag, and has approximately 12 cups of food.