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Should domesticated dogs eat the same thing as wolves?

Ideally, yes. The nutritional requirements of wild dogs are no different than that of their domesticated counterparts. They are genetically identical in both genotype and phenotype. Feeding dogs pet foods does not change their fundamental genetics, although it may epigenetically help them survive on it. Wolves and other wild canines fed processed dog foods exclusively will be plagued with all of the degenerative diseases common to their human counterparts eating processed foods.

If domesticated dogs were turned loose to consume their natural prey diet, they would survive just like the wolf and dingo do – all, incidentally, eating the identical food. Modern commercial foods have only been widely used for about the past 75 years. In that short time creatures genetically tuned to wild prey have not suddenly converted their genetics to the hammer mill, extruder, oven, and retorter? All life from the beginning of time has been sustained by eating the fresh raw natural foods from the natural environment.

For these reasons the Wysong Optimal Health Program teaches people how to feed fresh raw foods and supplements when feeding processed commercial diets.