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What is the calcium and phosphorus levels of Epigen? Many have written about these levels and the problems caused by too high of levels.

Epigen™ has approx. 1% calcium and 0.6% phosphorus.

Please see the article: Does your pet need a percent of something?: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/does-your-pet-need-a-percent-of-something.php

What is organ glycogen? Is the "plant fibers" you speak about the potato, corn, rice, or wheat protein?

Glycogen is how energy is stored in muscle and organ tissue.

Why do you call the potato, corn, rice or wheat protein, vegetable proteins?

A vegetable is considered something other than meats.

Removing the starch they then become more like a vegetable. What determines which one of these you use in the making of the Epigen?

They are usually used in combination, or as the label dictates.

See Epigen™ ingredient concerns: http://www.wysongepigen.net/generalinfo.php?content=ingredientconcerns.

My dog is very allergic to potatos in her kibble, as I tried one of the "grain free" foods that used potato. Do you feel she can react to the potato in epigen? If not, why not? What in your process in making Epigen would change my dogs reaction to the potato?

With regard to potential allergies, the only way to know is by test feeding. Processing changes allergens in foods and thus simply reading a label does not give certainty. Most pets supposedly allergic to one ingredient or another in Wysong, will show no reaction other than health if our diets are fed following the principles in the Optimal Health Program™.

See Epigen™ and Allergies: http://www.wysongepigen.net/solutions.php.

What about the Epigen 90? Why is it more expensive? What about the sugar conversion for my dog to the gelatin? Is it high in sugar?

Epigen 90™ contains 90% meat, as opposed to the other Epigen™ diets, which are 60% meat. Meat ingredients cost more. Epigen™ 90 does not contain sugar. Gelatin is made of collagen, a nutrient important for connective tissue(do not confuse gelatin with the commercial product Jello, which is high in sugar).

Do you feel there is any reason/medical condition of a dog that should not have a high protein diet?

No. See Epigen ingredient concerns link above.

Many have written about the energy dogs receive from carbs and that they should not be eliminated totally from the diet. How many carbs is the Epigen?

There are no starch ingredients as in all other dry diets. For practical purposes it is 0%. Energy is derived from protein and fats--as with all carnivore food in the wild.

Have you had the Epigen tested for ash, calories, calcium levels ect? You say in your email that the ash is "approximately" 5.5%. How do you get this figure?

This is measured from a dry matter analysis test.

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