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Question: (Human)
I have a general question regarding grains. In all that I've read on your site, you seem to be of the belief that carbs from grains are not part of the optimal human diet. This is also evidenced in your Un-Cereal product line.

This being the case, I was curious as to why you offer Rice on your website?

You are correct, we do not believe starches should be a mainstay of human or pet diets.

With that said, we also do not believe one need be a purist to achieve health. See the Optimal Health Program™.

As a part of a varied diet, starch sources can be consumed with benefit and little harm if they are in theIR best form--such as whole grains, as in the rice you mention and in the whole grains used in many of our products.

Since whole grain products are hard to obtain locally for some people, we offer them as a convenience.