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Is it alright to treat a dog with heartworm low to mid microphilia in blood, age 10 yrs., stray...fairly good health...heart & lungs sound ok...some lethargy and little coughing...gets winded easily...Shep/Lab mix...I found his original owner through chip and he had been missing since 2002...I am reading about using garlic and tinctures of walnut & black walnut rather than the standard ivermectin...arsenic compound treatment?

Thank you for your letter.

Heartworm disease is very serious and life threatening. Additionally, an infected pet serves as a vector for other animals, including humans.

We cannot advise on specific treatment. If you are interested in alternatives you will need to do a thorough Internet search.

One possibility you might look into is the use of oral chlorine dioxide. You can find information on this by doing searches under "miracle mineral supplement."

In the meantime, try to incorporate as much of the Optimal Health Program (http://wysong.net/wohp/) as possible to build immune and recovery capabilities.