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Hi- I have an almost 14 year old male jack Russell. After having two bladder surgeries for ammonium urate stone removals in 2 years when he was young, we submitted a blood sample to UCDavis. This was in 2009. They were doing a study on jack russells with hyperuricosuria. It turns out my dog has 2 genes for hyperuricosuria.

So for 14 years I have read anything with med to high purines promotes high uric acid output in my dogs urine. He has been on a dose of potassium citrate at night his whole life for urine alkalinization.I have been taught and read that meats, especially organ meats such as liver, and beef and especially yeast are all no no's for dogs like mine.

I am wondering how your Biotic ph+ , given all of the above ingredients, promotes an alkaline urine. I would appreciate any information on this. Thank you so much.

Wysong Reply :

Yes, Biotic pH+™ promotes a more alkaline urine pH.

Please see this link more information (note that the tech sheet also has information about the Biotic pH-™ product. Biotic pH+™ is on page 2): http://www.wysong.net/products/documents/techsheets/Biotic%20pH-%20and%20pH+%20[Tech%20Sheet].pdf.

Customer Reply:

Thank you that attachment on urolithiasis. It seems this product is more geared toward a diet for dogs who do not eat natural foods. I am wondering, specifically, if a dog has inherent genetic reason to form urates, won't taking a supplement that contains purines, like those first ingredients, promote or cancel out the alkalinity properties of ph+? Thank you.

In the amount that this product would be used it is unlikely it would cause a problem with purines. It is likely that the Biotic pH+™ will help your pet create a more alkaline urine pH. But the only way to know for sure how the product will work, due to each animal's biochemical individuality, is by test feeding.