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Ideal Diet

Why the processed diets at all? I assume they are heat processed? Or am I wrong? I would understand if you were offering them because, let's face it, some people refuse to change their thinking and their feeding processes, although if they're going to shell out the big bucks for Wysong, I can't imagine feeding just Archetype and similar products would be much more. But you seem to be recommending your processed foods (albeit with excellent ingredients) as part of a whole diet plan. What is the justification behind feeding a processed food at all?

Yes it does seem like a contradiction at first glance. However, as you note, people are not going to feed ideally. They are not going to turn their pet loose to capture and consume prey, and convenience and cost play a part as well in their decisions. Our goal is to provide the most healthful options whichever way a person chooses to feed.

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