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I am trying so hard to avoid using chemicals on my 6 year old Shih Tzu named Abby. Last year I came across your "Bug Off" bars at Global Pet Foods and bought 4 bars (the store was closing down). I sealed them in a baggie but they don't seem to smell as strongly as they did when I first bought them and I wondered if that meant they weren't as effective? I worry about heartworm so I bathe Abby at least once a week in the Bug Off. I wondered is that too much or too little? She loves laying out in the back yard in the grass which we try to keep short but.... We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I love taking her on nature walks, hiking to waterfalls etc. but I'm worried that she's not completely protected against little critters. Also, I find it dries out her fur... is there anything I can add to it to make it a little more conditioning that wouldn't ruin the smell of it? Also, how long does the protection last once she is bathed with the Bug Off? I didn't know if it was hours or days?

Over time the scent of the bars may dissipate, but the essential oils will still be beneficial.

The protection duration will vary with the amount used in the bath, coat length and texture type etc. On average it should last a few days. Bathing once a week should be sufficient; too often and the natural oils of the coat may be stripped. Consider supplementing her diet with an EFA™ supplement to help nourish the skin and coat. Also you may want to dust her bedding with Erase™ for further insect protection.