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Question: (Human)
Can you please tell me if the ergomonic insoles help with pronation? I have strong pronation, which has resulted in large bunions. I currently wear insoles in my shoes to help with this, but when I saw the description of your insoles -- that they help the foot have healthy movement, rather than restrict it -- I became very interested in these.

Also, if I do order the insoles, I was told by Vicky in customer service that I could return them for full credit on the insoles (not the shipping), even if I open the package and try them. Of course, I would need to try the insoles to see if they would work.

However, I forgot to ask Vicky if I could return the insoles for full credit if I had trimmed them to size and then tried them in my shoes. Can you please reply to this question as well?

The Wysong Ergonomic Insoles™ are primarily designed to assist arch support, relieve heal pain, and encourage overall foot, movement, and posture health. We cannot say for sure if they will help with specific foot health problems. There is a lot of subjectivity with regard to foot comfort. So we can only say to give them a try and see what you think. I have included some testimonials below as well.

As for your other question, yes, you may return them if they don't work for you, even if you cut them to fit your shoe.


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"I received Dr. Wysong's insoles on Friday, September 16 and put them in my shoes immediately. As soon as I took my first step there was a noticeable difference in that I was able to walk without favoring my other leg. The fascitis pain is still there, but it is much more tolerable with the inserts. I am hoping to start physical therapy this coming week to execrate the healing process. Dr. Wysong is brilliant in his evaluation of how the foot works!! I don't believe any other insert would give instant relief like this one.

Thank you very much for your correspondence and the article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. This is where I learned about Dr. Wysong..."

Ergonomic Insoles Make A Difference

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