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Laboratory Testing

I have been feeding my miniature poodle Wysong food exclusively and rotating the foods. On his last bloodwork it showed he had an elevated liver enzyme I believe it was ALT. We did a recheck and the original enzyme that was elevated is now back to normal, however, his bile acids are high. He will be 7 in March and has not had a dental yet so I may be getting that done.

I would like to know Dr. Wysong's opinion on this. Could the food he is eating be contributing to this?

Dr. Wysong believes it is best to judge health by how the animal is doing, not by laboratory numbers that can vary significantly due to a variety of circumstances.

There is no reason health should suffer due to nutritional issues if you are feeding as you describe.

Just out of curiosity, does Dr. Wysong base his findings on a high protein diet not being harmful by clinical studies or is it more based on his opinion and experience.

One other comment I have for Dr. Wysong is what if, however, he were in a beginning stage let's say of liver disease and wouldn't be showing symptoms yet, feeling fine and not acting sick, wouldn't it be better to investigate and possibly catch something in the early stages?

Wysong relies upon scientific studies, empirical evidence, and the archetypal model regarding a high protein diet. Please see the hundreds of references on the Wysong Epigen™ website: http://www.wysongepigen.net/solutions.php?d=99 as well as testimonials: http://www.wysong.net/testimonials.php.

To your second question: He would agree if that sort of analysis was practically possible. Biochemical individuality, unreliable testing, and an incomplete understanding of metabolism make it not. Such "health by the numbers," commonly practiced in human medicine, is in large part responsible for the consequent medical intervention being the number one killer in our society.

I know these ideas are strange, but if you read more of his writings you will come to understand.