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We were looking at the protein and fat content. Why is it that the new Epigen 90 still only has 60 protein the same as the Epigen. Since you are using more meat wouldn't the protein and fat content be more. If not what is really the difference between the both. We were thinking that the 90 would have alot more protein in it. Do you know what the carbohydrate content is.

The other question we feed our dogs raw but have tried the Epigen and they seem alittle gassy. Is there anything we can add or do to prevent this.

As for the protein content, keep in mind that muscle meat has a finite percent of protein and fat, so no matter how much meat you put in, it provides only about 60% protein and about 13% fat.

Other than meat and organ glycogen and plant fibers, there is no carbohydrate in Epigen™. There are no starch ingredients as in all other dry diets.

Adjusting from one diet to another is often accompanied by stool changes, and thirty days or more may be required in some cases to reach a balance. Supplementing with a Wysong Biotic™ Supplement, Pet Inoculant™ or live, active-culture yogurt and cottage cheese should help to keep the digestive tract balanced. Epigen has these factors, but your may require a bit more for the transition.

Also, feeding smaller amounts at the beginning and gradually working up is a good idea with any new food.