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1. Is it okay to give Contifin with Carvasol...as well as with Cardiril?

2. Since I panicked, and brought Adam to the vet, he is now on Ananapril and Lasix and has a prescription for Pimobendan (but, did not get....no pharmacy here carries it). Can I give Carvasol, Contifin and Cardril while on these drugs...or take him off the drugs eventually, and then use these?

Thank you for your letter.

All the Wysong supplements are designed so they can be taken concurrently without creating toxicities--see the Optimal Health Program (http://wysong.net/wohp/).

As for what can happen when prescription meds are taken, that is anybody's guess. They usually have so many contraindications and dangers that it is impossible to predict how they will react in any given body.

If your veterinarian cannot advise you, the best you can do is by monitoring results and adjusting from there.