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I have been trying the epigen venison on my dogs, before ordering more I would like to know a little bit about the safety of any mold issues. Is the food tested for mold before getting bagged and are they stored in a cool environment? I know there is no way of knowing how each vendor stores there food if I was to order from a store, or do they order directly from you? I know the fats are very fragile. How can I be sure the bags that are sent do not have mold? Thank you

Mold is a ubiquitous problem in all packaged foods. Wysong takes many measures to address this:
  1. Incoming ingredients are tested for moisture and mycotoxins.
  2. Finished products are also tested.
  3. Ingredients are used to inhibit mold growth.
  4. The NutriPak oxygen and light barrier packaging inhibits aerobic mold growth.
  5. Products are nitrogen flushed to remove oxygen.
  6. Products are fresh batched.
  7. Ingredients are used to help adsorb toxins should they be present.
  8. People are advised to refrigerate or freeze unused product, i.e. treat it like any fresh natural food is treated.
  9. Most importantly, Dr. Wysong has advised for the past 35 years against feeding any singular food meal after meal. Diets should be rotated and fresh foods incorporated into meal planning in order to decrease the risk of chronic exposure to toxins that may be present in any one food. This information is on all Wysong packaged pet foods.
Please see these links for more information on preservation and processing methods: