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Nature's Logic

Thanks for your reply on synthetic vitamins & Nature's Logic matters.

Regarding your previous reply on synthetics –

"Some vitamins are naturally occurring in the meats, but those added are produced synthetically or through fermentation, as are all vitamin supplements and fortifiers. Minerals are naturally occurring from mined sources and are not synthetically made.****"

Please note that proteinates are synthetic minerals. Sodium Carbonate is synthetic mineral made by a process called Solvay from salt and limestones.

Thiamine Mononitrate is fat soluble and will build up in the body. Excessive amount will cause liver damage.

We were referring to the mineral itself, iron, calcium, zinc, etc. These are not synthetically made. However, as you say, they can be synthetically complexed. In the case of proteinates, these are more effective forms of the isolated mineral with considerable scientific proof substantiating that. (Do an Internet search on benefits of proteinates") We do not use "sodium carbonate" (soda ash), nor do other manufacturers that we know of.

Excesses of anything can cause toxicity. But there is no evidence whatsoever that vit-min fortification at proper doses in pet foods have caused any disease or deaths. This is only a marketing ploy.

There is, however, plenty of evidence that processed foods without fortification produce disease and death.

Be sure to review all the links in the article sent to you (http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/no-vitamin-mineral-processed-foods.php)