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Our dog has been raised on your food and for 4 years I have been asking our Vet if they can get your Adult dog food in larger bag sizes. Our Golden Retriever goes through bags quickly. I was surprised when I went in recently and found that the bag size had been changed - to a smaller bag. I do not believe that smaller bags is good for the environment. Please package your food in 20 or 40 point bags for those of us with large bags.

We do not want to have to change the food our dog eats.

We've always kept our packaging on the small side in the interest of nutrient preservation. With larger packaging the food is often exposed to the elements over weeks and months, which is very destructive to the food. So many of the micronutrients included in our products are fragile, and must be treated accordingly. We want our painstaking manufacturing efforts to result in superior nutrition reaching the companion animal, not degrading in a "convenient" large open bag. For more information, please see http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/why-are-nutri-pak-sizes-small.php.

One size permits the use of our new packaging technology that affixes a computer generated label to the bag. The resulting flexibility permits formulation changes as new advancements in the rapidly unfolding field of nutrigenomics occur. Additionally, having only one size permits more efficient turnover of products and reduces manufacturing waste.

Thank you for your fast reply. I hear what you are saying but some of us really do want a "convenient" large open bag. I see that you are able to sell horse food in 50 pound bags. Are the micronutrients less important for horses? Or, would horse owners balk at very small bags? Please reconsider for the sake of your customers and the environment.

Horses consume food much more rapidly than pets, thus the larger size bag.

All the points mentioned in the second paragraph have to do with either nutrition and health, or environmental concerns (mf waste).