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Paleolithic Diet

Question: (Human)
My sons are both on a strict paleolithic diet. Looking at your product list they seem to be on the same wave length with their paleo diet.

Do you know of anything in your food snacks and products that would not be appropriate for a Paleo diet?

The answer to your question depends upon how purist you are trying to be. Our entire line of products has followed Dr. Wysong's archetypal (paleolithic) philosophy for the past 35 years. Yes there are compromises here and there, but if you follow the Optimal Health Program, such compromise will not matter. Also see: Living Life As If Thinking Matters.

For sure, consider Wysong Origins™ products, Trail Mix™, Peanut Butter Plus, Whole Protein Shake, Protein Key, and Natural Honey ™, but you should survey the entire line and the supplements.