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I searched long and hard to find a suitable diet for my ferret with IBD. She is doing well on the Anergan canine/feline diet that I purchased previously. I make a soup using it and the canned version. I have doubled up on my can order this time because of a fateful discovery upon shopping your site. You have added FISH and PEAS to the diet. Fish and ferrets don't mix simply because of the smell of the excrement (I could have lived with that alone). Peas on the other hand cause urinary stones in ferrets as is being discovered from ALL the other major pet food manufacturers adding it as filler instead of grain. Why did Wysong just jump on this pea bandwagon? Please put in some research and do not start adding peas to the ferret foods. And please make a lamb formula just for ferrets without peas!

Thank you for your letter and comments.

Peas were added due to their nutritional value, not as a filler. Please provide any scientific documentation by way of controlled studies that demonstrate that peas cause stones in ferrets.

At the small level that fish is in the formula--added to contribute important omega-3 fatty acids--we do not believe it will cause an adverse smell to the feces. If you find differently, please let us know.

We will most certainly consider your suggestions, but need scientific information as requested above to help us in our decision making process.