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I'm currently searching for a pet food that my pets will like, that is actually GOOD for them. I'm trying various products, and yours is one of them. On paper the dry and raw look good, but I'm a follower of The Truth About Pet Foods, and am wondering why you haven't signed the Pledge regarding your ingredients. You claim to be holistic, and if your ingredients are as good as you claim, why not sign? I'm not about to settle on a pet food that has a problem with signing this pledge. I have pets that are suffering health problems from all the crap that was in a supposedly healthy good pet food. I'm having a very hard time believing anything a pet food company says about their product now if they won't back it up in writing.

We are aware of the website you have noted. First, consider the qualifications that any person has who presents themself as the authority to demand pledges upon which people around the world should give credence. Nutrition is a very serious health business. It requires serious study, research, experience, and skills in health, biochemistry, food science/technology, and nutrition.

Wysong does not subscribe to "seals of approval" from self-proclaimed experts using criteria that do not promote health.

Wysong believes the best way to evaluate a pet food can be found at this link: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/how-to-choose-a-pet-food-company.php.

Not the right answer. Yes, nutrition is very important to me too, and you can cite all your sites, but why am I to believe a word Wysong says if you will not back it up by doing a simple little thing?! The safety and health of my pets is also very important to me. As I said, I have 2 sick pets now that I'm finding out most likely was caused by all the crap put into their "good" pet food by reputable pet food companies. If not for "this person" I would still be one of those other uneducated people who continue to feed their pets food that companies herald as 'the best', which continue to make beloved pets very sick, a lot which have died. If Wysong can't do a simple thing to assure me that you do indeed care and do use the quality ingredients that you proclaim to use, then I would not be able to feed my pets your food because I could not believe that I am doing the right thing for them. My last baby and I suffered 12 years from him having grand mal seizures, before passing away from kidney failure. My now babies were all coming down with bladder and kidney problems before I started looking into other foods after reading research done by "this person". Her following is growing larger every day because pet parents like me are finding out, and are greatly appalled, by what we are learning about pet food. We greatly appreciate all the hard work and time it took "this person" in dealing with stubborn pet food companies like you in trying to find out some truth. If your food is as good as you say, why is it a problem to sign the pledge. When pet food companies balk at this, we the knowing consumers, are backing away. Please reconsider. Because of my babies, I am very vocal in this matter, and am trying to educate anyone I can so that they will not have to suffer like me later. I am really serious about finding a good, healthy, safe pet food for my babies, and when I do find it, it will be my mission to get others off their deadly pet food, and onto mine.

We understand your concerns and that is why Dr. Wysong wrote the book, The Truth About Pet Foods. Note this book was written over a decade before the pledge site was in existence.

See this link for information on why pledges do not advance pet health: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/the-nonsense-of-pledges.php.