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Product Shape

I was told that Wysong has a new process for ferret food. I DID notice it when I opened a new bag this morning. It looks very different from the Ferret Archetypal 1™ that I have been using. I picked through part of the bag and was dismayed by what I found. Most of these are very difficult to separate with my fingernails. The thin ones are like sheets of plastic. I know your techs will say that these are digestible and they probably are - eventually. However, ferrets pass what is left of food very quickly. Items such as all of these are capable of causing blockages. A blockage is life threatening and surgery is required if the animal is to survive. I have three unopened bags of this food. If you want, I can search the others to see if the contents are the same. Either way, I am returning 4 bags because I do not want to put my little animals in danger. Please have a ferret knowledgeable person consider and answer this email. I feel that you have a dangerous product.

Thank you for your letter. The product processing has not changed, although the formulation is constantly being improved to deliver the most health enhancing benefits.

Due to the very difficult method of processing Archetype™, exact shapes and sizes cannot be achieved. However, since the product is virtually all meat, no danger exists--nor has any adverse reaction ever occurred to these products over the last decade. As noted on the package, the food can be moistened to soften the pieces if that is of concern.

But if you are uncomfortable feeding this then you are certainly free to return it.

You might consider the new Epigen™ formulations that are quite uniform in shape and are virtually all meat and protein.