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How do I feed my cat if I'm not a millionaire, like you?

The cost of ingredients and processing of Wysong diets dictates the pricing. Wysong products, although superior in value, are priced similar, if not less, than other "premium" brands of pet foods, and far less than if you were to formulate with the ingredients at home.

Please see this link: Is Wysong Just Interested in Profit?: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/is-wysong-just-interested-in-profit.php.

Also, consider the frequent buyer coupon program. Just clip the FBC codes from the dry food bags and send them in for a coupon towards future purchases.

Also consider signing up for the free 100 Pet Health Truths newsletter. You would also receive occasional discounts in those e-mails. Please follow this link to learn more information: http://www.wysongpethealth.net/.

Please see this publication for how to prepare foods at home: http://www.wysong.net/products/monographs/apology_pamphlet.pdf.

Also, you need not feed the Wysong products exclusively. Feeding as a supplement and in rotation is of value to your pet and will reduce costs.

Your products cost over $30 a pound, how can you claim this is less than assembling the ingredients at home?

How can you claim this is less or equal to grocery store cat foods?

Your discount coupons amount to less than 1% ..

not much of a discount..

Admit it, Your foods are for very rich cats only.

You are not being fair.

As we stated, we can teach you for free how to feed at home without buying any pet foods at all. That hardly makes us "millionaires."

Yes, some of our foods are very expensive. The TNT freeze dried products are particularly since it takes several days with expensive machinery running around the clock to produce these products. Also consider that since they contain essentially no water, comparing them to other foods that have much more moisture is not apples for apples.

Some of our ingredients cost over $50 per pound. This does not factor in the costs of a processing plant, energy, labor, packaging, shipping, R&D, etc.

We do have cat foods, such as Anergen, that cost as little as $1.70 per pound. Thus you have many options with Wysong.